Love bees


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      Bee colonies are fast declining and our buzzing buddies urgently need our help if they are to recover and thrive. Teach your kids that conservation is cool - and what to do to become a bee’s BFF. Find out together how to make a bee hotel or B-line nectar corridor; play the Waggle Dance board game; find out how important bees are to the natural world; and join in with activities from planting pollinator-friendly flowers to the basics of urban beekeeping.
      • Author: Amaral-Rogers, Vanessa
      • Publisher: Aurum Press Imprints
      • Format: Hardback
      • Publication Date: 21/03/2019
      • ISBN: 9781782406648
      • B-Code: B039956
      • Illustrated: Colour illustrations
      • Pages: 48
      • Dimensions: 210x180mm