101 Ways to Win at Scrabble


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      We all want to get one over on our friends and family on the Scrabble board. Most of us manage to win now and again - but if you’re looking for a permanent performance boost, then these books are for you. Top player Barry Grossman offers his tips for remembering high-scoring and unusual words, along with crafty tactics which make all the difference - while the fourth edition of the Gem Scrabble dictionary contains valid words from 2-7 letters in length and gives short, succinct definitions.
      • Author: Grossman, Barry
      • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
      • Format: Paperback
      • Publication Date: 07/09/2017
      • ISBN: 9780007589142
      • B-Code: B032195
      • Pages: 224
      • Dimensions: 151x106mm